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Beautify your table with new Gerstein placemats, six placemats in each set with a different design on each side.

Gerstein Placemats

The debate between tablecloths or placemats continues. When the placemats are designed by world-famous Israeli artist David Gerstein, there is no longer an issue. His placemats will become an integral feature of your dining table setting. Rich with color and design, they will entertain, inspire and add a festive note to your meal. table.

Judaicadosh brings you a choice of four placemat sets. Each set contains six placemats with a lush colorful design on each side. For variety or change of mood, simply reverse the placemat and you have another conversation piece!

The Seven Species Abstract Placemats displays the blessed agricultural products of the Land of Israel in a background of bright color that will dress up your table. On the reverse are dramatic abstract designs speaking of the joy of life.

The Butterfly series, with their intricate shades of color, will enchant your guests adding flavor to the meal and conversation. On one side is a single charming butterfly and on the reverse is a group of butterflies in a bright splash of color.

Gerstein also presents us with a set of bird and fish placemats, capturing the grace of the fish as they dive in and out of the stream. On the reverse side, are impressive bird studies on a magnificent carpet of rich colors.

Another set of Gerstein’s colorful placemats are reminders of his visit to a colorful Mediterranean resort in Greece… vibrant still life reproductions that overlook the glorious sea. The reverse displays pub guests enjoying their evening at the bar.

All the Gerstein placemats are made of easy-wipe polypropylene plastic. The colors are long-lasting and will give years of pleasure. Each one adds a finishing touch to your table. They entertain, inspire and transform a simple meal to a special occasion.