1 Identification of the seller

Last updated on 21/03/2018

Headquarters at the 11 Kikar Hatsmaout, Netanya, Israel
The site JUDAICADOSH.COM is hosted by OVH

Customer service: Tel: + 972 54-391-0812
Monday-Friday: 9 h - 18 h

2 Application of the General conditions of sale

The acceptance of the General conditions of sale involved their application in their entirety. They apply to any order placed by the customer on the site JUDAICADOSH.COM. They constitute a contract between the customer and JUDAICADOSH.COM. The customer waives, including, to take advantage of any contradictory document, which would be binding on JUDAICADOSH.COM.

These terms of sale may be subject to subsequent changes, the version applicable to the purchase of the customer is in force on the website at the time of placing the order. Changes to these general conditions of sale apply to users of the Web site from their on-line and cannot be applied to the transactions concluded previously.

All users of the site must respect the General conditions of sale.


4 Presentation of products

The products offered for sale are described and presented with the highest possible accuracy. The customer shall refer to the description of each product to know the properties and the most important features. The customer is required to read before placing any order. The choice and the purchase of a product is the sole responsibility of the customer.

However, if errors or omissions may have occurred in this presentation, the JUDAICADOSH.COM cannot be engaged. All customer is asked to notify JUDAICADOSH.COM of any errors that it could fall in the designation of a product. An interview guide is available for the customer to assist in the maintenance of its shoes: http://www.JUDAICADOSH.COM/guide_entretien.php


5 Creating an account

To order, the customer must first have created a customer account, when his first order. He will have to fill out a form containing the following: e-mail address, civility, name, first name, sex, date of birth, full address of delivery, phone number. On this occasion, the Client creates a password which is personal and its unique use. Any disclosure to third parties is prohibited.
The customer agrees to provide complete and accurate information. Any usurpation of identity or false identity will lead to the closure of the account and may lead to prosecution. All multiple registrations, use of the account by several people or other fraudulent actions can result in termination of registration. 
The customer acknowledges having the capacity to contract and acquire the products offered on the site JUDAICADOSH.COM.JUDAICADOSH.COM refuses any sale to minors under 16 years old without the prior authorization of the parents who will be systematically required.


6 Ordering and secure payment

6.1: command

The Client validates his command as explained below. This validation requires acceptance of the General conditions of sale of JUDAICADOSH.COM. The customer interested in a visible item on the JUDAICADOSH.COM site follows the following process in order to establish his command:
Choose the size and color
In the basket, check the specifics of the order (color, amount, size, price, etc.) with the possibility of change, addition or deletion of certain articles.
During his first command, a form of creation of account with a password. 
-If the customer has a special offer, previously enter the code which has been assigned in the field provided for this purpose.
-Choose the payment method, delivery type, the delivery address. 
-After validating his mode of payment, post finally and irrevocably the order with the below listed effects. Any validated order results in an obligation to pay.
-An order confirmation email is sent worth sale final after receipt of the full price (which is not a payment of deposit). The products are reserved for 7 days.
The transfer of ownership of the products sold by JUDAICADOSH.COM, for the benefit of the customer, will be carried out only after payment complete and regular price by the latter, and this regardless of the date of delivery of such product. The clause of reserve of property does not obstacle that the risk of loss or deterioration of the goods will be charged to the customer as soon as its home delivery or its withdrawal in relay. For Switzerland, the transfer of ownership is done at the time of placing the order.
It is up to the customer to check the accuracy of the command and immediately report any error.  

6.2: payment 

  • Payment by credit card on the site
    The customer provides his credit card number associated with the expiry date and the CLC code. It finally validates his order by clicking on the button "confirm". To secure payment, in some cases, the confirmation of the payment is done only after you have entered a 3D-Secure code provided by the Bank. By checking the box next to remember, the customer agrees that the credit card number associated with the expiry date be kept for future purchases.
  • PayPal
    For any holder of a Paypal account, payment is done online, by this account, indicating just the email address and Paypal password. 
    The financial information of the customer are never communicated to JUDAICADOSH.COM. PayPal encrypts and protects the card number once and for all. 

6.3: verification of payments

JUDAICADOSH.COM controls all orders that have been posted on his website. These controls are intended to protect abusive practices JUDAICADOSH.COM: identity theft and payment fraud. JUDAICADOSH.COM services will have to ask you, all the parts required to release the order: supporting home or debit in your name, or even proof of home in the name of the person indicated for delivery address , bank documents, etc...

Failing receipt of these documents within the following 7 days, the order will be cancelled. Any reception of documents not in compliance will also cancel the order.

6.4: payments security

To ensure the security of payments, the site JUDAICADOSH.COM uses the CIC Bank's secure payment service. This service includes the standard of SSL security. Confidential data (the credit card number to 16 digits, the expiry date and the security code CLC) are directly transmitted encrypted on the server of the Bank without transit on physical servers of JUDAICADOSH.COM.com. when the order is posted, the payment request is routed in real-time on the secure order Manager. This address a request for permission to the credit card network. The Manager of the telebanking delivers an electronic certificate which will be worth proof of the amount and the date of the transaction in accordance with the provisions of article 1316 and following of the civil code.

7 Identification

The customer having already made a purchase on the site JUDAICADOSH.COM can choose a password allowing, during subsequent orders, do not have to fill out once again forms prior to placing the order.
The customer already registered is recognized on the site as a customer of JUDAICADOSH.COM. The password which benefits the client of JUDAICADOSH.COM is strictly personal and confidential. In any case, it must be disclosed or communicated to anyone.
Where the client of JUDAICADOSH.COM were to lose or forget the password, it is incumbent to prevent within a very short period at the JUDAICADOSH.COM site manager judaicadosh@gmail.com who will rescue him within 48 hours a new password that will replace the old right. In order to facilitate the identification of the customer by the simultaneous provision of the e-mail address and password, the customer authorizes expressly JUDAICADOSH.COM to file on the hard disk of the customer a says 'cookie' unique vocation to facilitate such identification.

8 Delivery by JUDAICADOSH

The delivery times indicated have as reference the date of order and are available in working days (Saturday, Sunday and holidays are not taken into account in the calculation of the delivery time). Cases of force majeure, JUDAICADOSH.COM cannot be responsible for the delay of delivery.

9 Responsibility

All stages of access to the site, consultation, of filling out forms, ordering, delivery of items or any other service, the JUDAICADOSH.COM company believe there an obligation of means. Accordingly, the responsibility of JUDAICADOSH.COM cannot be held responsible for any inconvenience or damage inherent in the use of the Internet and completely external to the diligence and precautions taken by JUDAICADOSH.COM.
In particular, any disruption in the supply of the service, or any outside intrusion or presence of computer virus, does not engage the responsibility of JUDAICADOSH.COM. Similarly, quite qualified force majeure within the meaning of the case-law of the Court of Cassation completely exonerates JUDAICADOSH.COM from any liability. Customers enjoy the guarantees granted by the brands on the site.

10 Intellectual property

All elements of the site JUDAICADOSH.COM, whether they are visual or sound, including the underlying technology, are protected by copyright, trademarks or patents.
They are the exclusive property of JUDAICADOSH.COM.
Any hypertext link referring to the site of JUDAICADOSH.COM and using the technique of framing, of the deep linking, in-line linking or any other technique of deep connection is in any event prohibited.
In any case, any link, even tacitly authorized, must be removed on request of JUDAICADOSH.COM.

11 Protection of personal data

11.1: collection of personal data

During the creation of the account, the client and at the orders of the customer on the JUDAICADOSH.COM site JUDAICADOSH.COM is brought to collect personal data. All the data that are collected are limited to what is necessary for the purposes of processing (point 2 and 3), relevant and properly.

The term "personal data" means all data that can identify an individual, which is including the name, first name, telephone number, date of birth, gender, e-mail address, postal address, IP address as well as any information that the customer chooses to connect to JUDAICADOSH.COM to his subject.

For the purpose of combating fraud referred to below (points 2 and 3), JUDAICADOSH.COM is also likely to maintain, for a limited time (point 5), information related to transactions on its sites, including a truncated part of credit card numbers used to make these transactions and their date of end of validity.

11.2: purpose of collection of the data

The personal data are collected only for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes to meet one or more of the following purposes:
-> Manage orders on the site.
-> Develop trade statistics, studies and market behaviour,
-> Build and manage files of prospects, which includes technical operations such as standardization, enrichment and duplication
-> Perform operations related to the management of customers,
-> Select a customer to perform actions of prospecting and promotion.
-> Send solicitations and promotional messages on the part of JUDAICADOSH.COM. The customer has the option to unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the link provided at the bottom of the concerned emails,
-> Legal and regulatory obligations
-> Fight against fraud in the conditions defined in point below.

11.3: Cookies

JUDAICADOSH.COM measure the number of page views, the number of visits as well as the visitor activity on the site and their return rate by the use of "cookies technology."
A cookie does not identify the customer. It records information about the navigation of the computer of the customer on the JUDAICADOSH.COM.com site (pages visited, the date and time of consultation, etc.) and to be able to read during subsequent visits.
The data collected by cookies are solely and strictly for internal use and are never passed to third parties.

The use of cookies, own or third party, is not necessary for the operation of the site requires express consent on the part of the customer. The manifestation of consent or opposition to the use of cookies is done by a setting of the browser in an appropriate manner.

12 Gift certificates and vouchers

Gift certificates or vouchers are in the form of discount coupons with a unique code.
Cheques gifts and vouchers are non-refundable and cannot be subject to a monetary consideration. Products purchased with gift certificates or vouchers can however be exchanged subject to have in case they do not agree. The gift certificate or gift voucher will be refunded and will be used during their period of validity.