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Tee Shirts with Israeli Army Emblems

The designs on these T-Shirts are the genuine insignias of various units in the IDF Israel Army. The 669 Special Forces Unit is a famous rescue unit who specialize in extrication in various difficult situations. The< famous="" sayeret="" matkal="" elite="" group="" who="" undertake="" special="" missions="" and="" are="" expert="" in="" many="" fields="" such="" as="" small="" arms,="" martial="" arts,="" reconnaissance="" and="" more.="" the="" motto="" of="" the="" israel="" airforce="" pilots="" has="" become="" a="" byword="" in="" society,="" hatovim="" latayis,="" or,="" the="" best="" join="" the="" airforce,="" the="" beautiful="" golani="" symbol="" of="" a="" green="" olive="" tree="" represents="" the="" lush="" greenery="" of="" the="" northern="" golan="" area="" and="" the="" determination="" of="" the="" soldiers="" to="" defend="" it.="" for="" navy="" buffs,="" the="" flotilla="" (shayetet)="" 13="" unit="" is="" an="" elite="" counter="" terror="" unit="" which="" operates="" on="" land,="" sea="" and="" air.="" their="" emblem="" is="" a="" bat,="" symbolizing="" stealth="" and="" speed.="" the="" tough="" yamam="" border="" patrol="" unit="" is="" a="" combat="" branch="" of="" the="" israeli="" police="" and="" include="" counter="" terror="" and="" hostage="" rescue="">

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There are many units in the IDF, each one with it's own specialization, for example, the Golanis are mainly based up in the Golan, up north and have a beautiful olive tree emblem. The special 669 Rescue Unit are sent in for complicated rescue and extrication missions, and the famed Israeli Airforce has special insignias for Air Force Pilots and Paratroopers. The Border Patrol Yamam is the combat branch of the Israel Police force and also specialize in hostage situations.