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Choose your Hamsa pendant for good luck and protection! Our collection includes sterling silver, gold filled, opal hamsas and many more.

Hamsa Necklaces and Pendants

The Hamsa can be incorporated into jewelry in all sorts of interesting ways. First of all, there's the "up" pointing Hamsa as opposed to the down pointing one, just a matter of taste! Then there are the silver ones or gold filled, and here starts the fun. Will it have a Chai too, or be studded with zirconiums? Or maybe done in Adina Plastelina's inimitable millifiori effect and for an extra zing, have a miniature Shema Yisrael prayer hand etched on it? Or let's go for a colorful hand made Hamsa necklace by Ester Shahaf, as a beautiful present to that special person, or a delicate handmade pendant by Shraga landesman, and what about a funky hamsa on a bullet pendant. From traditional to artistic to super cool, there's a Hamsa pendant for everyone