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Saboneto Mud Soap

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Special soaps by special people!These olive oil soaps have been further enriched by Dead Sea Mud and gentle additions fron nature itself. They are prepared in a pastoral Israeli workshop by special needs youth who lovingly wrap and prepare these soaps just for you.

Saboneto Mud Soaps

Judaicadosh takes pride to associate itself with a unique human endeavor that sees to extract the inner goodness that lies within plants and people!

It was the Keshet family and their special-need son Elnatan that inspired the creation of these heavenly aromatic oil Dead Sea mud soaps.The story began 17 years ago, when Shlomo and Naomi Keshet, living on a small moshav nestled in the pastoral hills of Binyamin, welcomed their fourth child into the family. They named him Elnatan - G-d Has Given – an acknowledgement that this gentle Down's syndrome child was given to them as a precious gift to cherish and nurture.

Shlomo Keshet’s love of the land of Israel drew him to work the soil. Yearning to give and extract, he planted and cultivated a grove of olive trees. After they bore their precious fruit, he used techniques handed down through the generations and extracted their olive oil, rich in pure healing ingredients. He added Dead Sea Mud, with its strong concentration of vitamins and minerals and began experimenting with plants and herbs from local flora seeking to incorporate their curative properties into natural soaps.

In the Keshet home, a parallel process was taking place with Elnatan. The superior qualities of the herbs and plants were extracted to produce curative properties and fragrant scents. So too, Elnatan’s progress, lovingly dosed with devotion and care, was revealing his own unique inner goodness. He was making excellent progress in every field, giving joy and satisfaction to himself and the family.

The giving process continues. Today, Elnatan sits with his friends in the packaging department of the Saboneto soaps. Lovingly, he helps to wrap and package the bars of soaps. Like the soaps, he has his own special fragrance and quality. Each time you use the soap, you are strengthening the innate goodness of Elnatan and his friends!