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Dead Sea Cosmetics for Men

Let’s face facts. There is a growing men’s awareness of the need for facial and skin care and cosmetic products for men are enjoying a surge of popularity. Men look for creams and lotions that are formulated to fit their skin needs and will help them help them feel refreshed, comfortable and youthful. They look for non-fuss packaging with a masculine design.

This is exactly what Judaicadosh offers. We take pride in being part of the revolution in men’s skin products and we are pleased to present to our discerning customers a wide range of skin products for men, prepared by leading cosmetic companies such as Ahava, Mineral Care and B&D.

Start with Ahava’s shower gel prepared especially for the man in your life. His hair too needs protection from climate, chemicals and life stresses. H&B offer a shampoo formulated for men and if you want a no-fuss combined preparation, there is nothing like Mineral Care’s Shampoo and Shower gel.

Since men’s skin has a thicker layer with larger pores that clog up easily the rule of the game is regular cleansing and the use of a good moisturizer to help develop healthy new skin cells. Ahava and Mineral Care offer you refreshing and deep penetrating cleansing lotions and moisturizing creams specifically formulated for the needs of men’s skin.

Regular shaving takes its wear and tear on facial skin and can also scrape and damage the skin. Ahava has the answer – a delightful foam free silk shave or a soothing after-shave moisturizer that keeps the skin smooth and hydrated. H&B and Mineral Care also offer an after-shave balm enhanced with Dead Sea minerals and plant extracts designed to smooth the skin and give a comfortable feeling. Use freely during the day whenever your face feels dry or sensitive.

Men’s skin ages at a slower rate than women. Yet, although they lose valuable collagen at a slower rate and those age-revealing lines and wrinkles come at a later stage, it is never too early to begin proper skin care. Try Ahava’s age control moisturizing cream or H&B’s anti-wrinkle and anti-aging creams - designed to keep the skin fresh and youthful looking.

The skin on men’s hands tends to be thicker and more callused and rougher than women’s. So, their hand creams needs a different composition and consistency. The H&B and Ahava hand creams for men are small and compact and are filled with valuable minerals and fruit extracts that smooth and enrich the skin.

We love the Mineral Care’s Shaving to Go Kit holding moisturizing lotion, face cleansing gel and after shave balm. It is packaged attractively in masculine style. Perfect to slip into that brief case or suit case.

We recommend every man to follow a regular skin routine. It won’t take long to see and feel the difference!