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This generation has seen a revolution in attitudes to men’s skin care products. In ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, men’s cosmetics and skin products were widely used but in the western world, this fell into disuse and the thought of buying or using skin care products became totally alien to men’s way of thinking.

Times have changed and today, men’s skin products are becoming increasingly popular as Father’s or Valentine Day gifts. Of course, if the product is related to shaving, it will be much more acceptable. A cooling balm or moisturizing cream to be used after shaving is a welcome addition to the daily shaving ritual.

The prestigious Israeli Ahava Cosmetic Company is world-known for the undisputed high quality of its products. It now introduces us to a special line of “Ahava for Men” products. The formulas have been prepared based on the composition of men’s skin and the need for preparations that moisturize and keep the skin smooth and comfortable.

Start with the Men’s Shower Gel enriched with valuable and minerals and perfumed with masculine scents designed to refresh and energize.

For the perfect shave, we recommend to begin by applying Ahava’s Exfoliating Cleansing Gel. It removes grime, gets ride of dead cells and softens the skin.

During or after shaving, use Ahava’s Foam-free Silk Shave. The Soothing After Shave Moisturizer is a popular line that men enjoy using for a comfortable hydrated feeling. It leaves the skin soft and smooth.

If you want to hold back signs of aging on the man in your life, present him with this age control moisturizing cream from Ahava. Light and absorbing quickly, it enriches the skin and nourishes the cells so that those fine lines are smoothed out before they even begin.

Men may not buy hand cream but they will use it when they find it on their desks or in their brief cases. Its quick absorption makes it easy and comfortable to use. Use frequently and see the results.

Finally, the perfect gift to spoil the special man in your life – Ahava’s kit for men. In a zipped bag, to be used later for any purpose, you will find shower gel, shaving cream and after-shave moisturizer. He will use, enjoy and thank you too!