Megillat Esther

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Megilat Esther

The Megillat, or scroll of Esther, is recited on Purim night and day and tells the story of the saving of the Jewish people through Queen Esther in ancient Persia. We offer softcover Megillat Esther with a few options. One delightful item is the children's illustrated Megilat Esther in a hardcover edition with lively color illustrations to keep them interested while the Megilla is being read. Of ccourse, with the pronunciation of the name of wicked Haman, they emit rousing noices and boos, enthusiastically whirling the gragger or noisemaker. We feature some Megillot with transalation into French and also into German. Some prefer to read the Megillah from an original one written by a Torah scribe on klaf (parchment). These are cherished Megillot and usually kept in ornate silver or leather cases. They make a meaningful and invaluable gift for that special man who has everything.