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Velvet Kippah

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Our velvet kippot come in solid traditional style, or with a hand decorated design. You can add personalization as a meaningful gift for your favorite boy!

Velvet Kippah

Velvet fabric has a smooth soft feel that is still associated with nobility and prestigious clothing items. Until today, velvet is a synonym for a gentle luxurious feel. We all know the expression, “smooth as velvet” or “a velvety feeling.” It was only natural therefore that in the rich variety of Jewish fashion and style, velvet should be utilized to produce a more classy style Kippah. It still retains the special status that rates it above the more simple terylene Kippah.

Enjoy scrolling through Judaicadosh’s choice of velvet Kippahs. Start from the classic plain black Kippah without adornment. Those who are a little more venturesome will go for our blue velvet Kippah. If you are young in spirit, or just want something a little different, why not try one of our velvet Kippahs decorated with an embroidered border. Choose from a variety of geometric or delicate leaf designs. An all-time favorite is the Jerusalem design.

Children love our juvenile designs – a sports border displaying balls, alef bet letters or alef bet building blocks. When you make a party for your youngsters why not give out these kippot as gifts. Whatever the occasion, they make lovely gifts.

All our Kippot are made from quality German velvet known as the most superior velvet fabric. We offer a special measuring chart that will help you to choose the size that is best for you and will sit comfortably on your head. Note the different measuring methods for each Kippah style. If you have any queries or difficulties, our staff are waiting to use their expertise to help and guide you.