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Unique Gifts for the Jewish New Year

This unique collection of items culled from our large stock features a range from stickers to candlesticks and wall blessings. The Yealat Chen Wall Hangings are durable, beautiful and evocative, utilizing Judaica themes such as Jerusalem, pomegranates enhanced with detailed carving and stones. Her fine filigree work table decorations and napkin holders reflect the thought and craftmanship of this studio, and is all made in Israel. The delightful and colorful glass candlesticks in shape of pomegranates will make a much appreciated gift or table decoration. Colorful stickers and stationery make exciting handcraft for kids, as they can decorate their own New Year's cards and wishes. Special hand towels by Dorit Judaica feature pomegranates and Shana Tova wishes in Hebrew make lovely hostess gifts and home decorations.